Q-PRODUCTS a.s. – industry computers

TechnoCargo Logistik Slovakia, s.r.o. – freight forwarding

Sika Slovensko, spol. s r.o. – materials and solutions for the construction industry

ant s.r.o. – piping and plumbing tools

Slovak alarms s.r.o. – security technology

Dream Hostels Sk s.r.o. – hostel

Atelier-S, s.r.o. – architect company, cafe, apartments

ROTO střešní okna, s.r.o – roof windows

HHW Hommerl Hercules Werkzeughnadel CZ/SK, s.r.o. – professional tools

ZEDOM, s.r.o. – bageterie SUBWAY

BAUCOMEX CZ, s.r.o. – thermal and coldness isolation

SKY 4 U, s.r.o. – travel agency

Fidelity Building, s.r.o. – construction company

TRIANA, s.r.o. – delivery of potatoes

JUDr. Barbara Holíková s.r.o. – lawyer office

Ekoservis RM, s.r.o. – analysis in environment

VALL, s.r.o. – producer of lifting appliance


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