VAT rates.

Basicrate 20 % 

Reduced rate 10 % – basic food as milk, bread, meat, some fruits and vegetables , medical products, accomodation, books, newspapers, magazines, spectacle lenses, restaurant and catering services etc.

Reduced rate 5% – supply of buildings for social accomodation program or for reconstruction such a buildings.

Zero rate 0 % – e.g. postal services, health care, educational services, some bank services, insurance services, transfer and rent of real estates etc. ( in some cases of supply and rent services is possibilty to select a tax mode )



Mandatory registration for domestic taxable person after reaching limit EUR 49 790 for the previous consecutive 12 calendar months .

Voluntary registration is also possible in case of economically active companies.

Mandatory registraion for foreign taxable person – obligation is before starting business activities in Slovaka.

A few examples of excemptions from this obligation:

* when supplies are subject of reverse-charge,

* in case of triangular transaction,

* intra-community supplies of imported goods by tax representative,

* supply of goods and services exempt from tax,

*distance sales to non taxable person using the One Stop Shop scheme ( OSS ) etc.


VAT refund to a foreign person from another member state.

Foreign taxable person can claim Slovak input VAT via VAT refund process. In some cases, where foreign person has an obligation to pay VAT, they can deduct input VAT via Slovak VAT return.

The application for tax refund shall be filed by a foreign person from another Member State by electronic form via the electronic portal of the relevant Member State. Deadline for filling and sending application is 30th September of the calendar year following the period which the tax refund is applied. The application for tax refund can be for the period maximum one calendar year or minimum period for three calendar month. The applied amount of tax must be minimum EUR 50.